Taser Wants to Help You Monitor Police (Or Does it?)

October 2, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Back in April, stun gun manufacturer Taser International announced a major rebranding initiative. The company changed its name to Axon Enterprise and revealed it would be focusing on new surveillance products. Axon, which has been selling body and dash cameras to police agencies for more than a decade, said in a statement earlier this year […]

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury?

September 19, 2017 · by Rosemary Jones · in

The risk of an injury is just part of our daily lives—but when does an injury become a “personal injury” in the legal context? There are numerous types of situations that can lead to personal injuries and which would allow the victim to pursue legal action and obtain the compensation he or she deserves. What […]

Consequences of Stealing Traffic Signs

September 11, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

While you can buy “No Parking” signs at Home Depot or fake stop signs on Amazon.com, some people have been known to swipe the real deal right off the street. To young people it can seem like harmless fun to snag a street sign or traffic sign. Unfortunately, the consequences can be more serious than […]

Trash This Illegal Behavior

August 14, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

You likely consider yourself a law-abiding citizen. You don’t steal. You don’t drive drunk. But there is one law that almost 40% of Jerseyans break on a regular basis. Worse, they are committing it right in their very home. And you might be too. In 1987, New Jersey made recycling mandatory statewide (N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1) . […]

4 Myths About Getting Arrested

July 18, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Bad news, Law & Order junkies: Dick Wolf has been lying to you for decades. Big- and small-screen crime shows have featured many falsehoods about policing, legal procedures, and the rights of suspects. Some are mere technical inaccuracies while others are downright fabrications. Of particular note is the way crime shows depict the rights of […]

Flash! Bang! Jail!

June 28, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Americans love fireworks, especially on the Fourth of July, and Jerseyans are no exception. However, setting off large fireworks displays require a special permit in New Jersey, which is only offered to entertainment professionals. Thankfully, there’s nothing wrong with lighting up some simple sparklers and Roman candles in the backyard or driveway – right? Wrong! […]

Could NJ Outlaw Flavored E-Cigarettes?

June 21, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Lawmakers advanced a bill that would ban flavored electronic smoking products in New Jersey. The state Assembly’s health committee voted 7-2 on Monday, February 27 to approve bill A3704, which would ban the sale of vaping devices and products in all flavors other than clove, menthol, and tobacco. Businesses that continue to sell outlawed products […]