Your Constitutional Right to Effective Plea Bargaining

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Your Constitutional Right to Effective Plea Bargaining According to the United States Supreme Court, criminal defendants who turn down plea bargains due to their lawyer’s ineffective assistance of counsel can now try to have their subsequent, harsher sentences overturned. This means that if you were charged with a crime, you now have a constitutional right […]

Washington – Theft of Detergent Is Becoming Big ‘Business’

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Washington – Police in suburban Washington raided the home last fall suspecting it was that of drug dealer, they found drugs, of course, and surprisingly a stash of nearly 20 large bottles of liquid Tide laundry detergent. Customers of the drug dealer were allegedly paying for drugs not with cash but with stolen detergent.  For […]

Cheating on the SAT Exam in NY

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Cheating on the SAT Exam May Become a Felony in NY A bill making it a felony in NY for cheating on the Standard Achievement Test (SAT) was recently introduced in the New York Legislature. The hearings, which led to the introduction of the bill, were the result of a September 2011 scandal in Long […]

Cyberbullying is the Modern Day Harassment

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Almost everyone knows the tragic story of 15 year old Amanda Cummings.  A few days after Christmas, Amanda jumped in front of a bus while holding a suicide note. Suffering from months of harassment because of a relationship with an 18 year old male, Amanda could not handle it anymore.  Family members claim that bullies took […]

Discrimination Against Unemployed In Hiring

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Can a Potential Employer Discriminate Against the Unemployed in the Hiring Process? In today’s economic climate, it is truly an “employer’s market” – since there are so many people desperate for jobs, employers can be much more selective about who they hire. It has been widely reported that certain employers are not hiring job applicants […]

A Tree Falls – Who Is Responsible ?

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The recent storm in the metropolitan area left thousands of people without energy and flooded numerous communities.  Even worse, several individuals lost their lives and a significant amount of property was damaged as a result of falling trees and branches. One of the most common questions we get is – if a tree falls and […]

10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Lawyer.

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Here are some questions to ask before you hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer, or a Speeding Ticket Lawyer. How long have you been practicing law? What exactly is your experience in this particular practice area? How many cases have you taken care of like mine? What was the actual end result? What are the attainable outcomes associated […]