Denial of Social Security Benefits

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Individuals who apply for social security disability benefits must prove that they are unable to work due to a physical, mental, or emotional disability or impairment.  The definition of “disability” means that the individual is completely unable to work or is unable to earn a set amount of income each month.  This is unlike other […]

What is E-Discovery?

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Legal discovery is the process through which attorneys can request to see all documents and data from the opposing counsel before a trial begins.  The procedure allows legal teams to better prepare their cases if they have an idea of what they will face from their opposition.  Electronic discovery, called e-discovery, is any electronic data […]

Personal Injury: Getting Hurt on the Job

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Work related accidents can occur in any industry and affects individuals who work in office settings as well.  Working with dangerous equipment in manufacturing, mining, or other manual labor jobs can lead to injuries that affect the worker’s ability to continue earning an income.  Accidents can also lead to medical problems, chronic injuries, or emotional […]

New York Changes the Laws for Teen Drivers to Make Roads Safer

March 30, 2010 · by admin · in

For many teens, getting a driver’s license is one step towards establishing their independence and entering adulthood.  A new state law will make teens wait a bit longer before cruising off onto the road in New York.  With the new law, teens with a learner’s permit will have a six month waiting period before taking […]

A New York State Program Helps Families Deal With Divorce

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For parents dealing with divorce or separation, the state of New York offers parenting and child well-being classes through the Parent Education and Awareness Program (PEAP).  The classes are are taught by certified providers across the state.  Parents can be referred to PEAP through a judge, attorney, mediator, mental health professional or by self referral.  […]

Don’t Let a Criminal Record Prevent You from Finding a Job

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If you have a criminal record, finding a job may be challenging.  Having a criminal record often makes it more difficult to receive certain government benefits, obtain affordable housing or gain entrance into certain social services programs.  While having a criminal record can make finding a job more difficult, it doesn’t mean that you will […]

The SSA Compassionate Allowances Program Expands Its List of Medical Conditions

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The Compassionate Allowances Program allows the administration to quickly identify diseases and other medical conditions that qualify under its Listing of Impairments based on minimal objective medical information. Reviews of disability applications can be expedited for people with severely disabling conditions.  The program originally had 50 medical impairments listed and this year has added 38 […]