Back to School: Benefits of voluntarily attending traffic school

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Are traffic schools only for unsafe drivers?  No.  Even safe drivers can benefit from traffic schools, particularly through point and insurance reduction programs.  Point and insurance reduction programs have been designed to relay information about safe driving.  Private companies and corporations, also called course sponsors, who have been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles […]

Dealing with a New York Parking Ticket

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Promptness is essential in beating a parking ticket in Buffalo, New York. The city only allows 15 days from the date your parking ticket is issued to plead not guilty. After this period, the court will impose penalties as well as fines. The longer you wait to address this issue the worst it will be. […]

Accidents and Personal Injury Claims in the State of New York

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If you have been injured in an accident in the state of New York then the first thing that may come to mind is the filing of a personal injury claim against the offending party. However, because of the difference in personal injury laws governing accidents in the state of New York, you may find […]

Drunk Driving in New York State- Tougher Sanctions

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Driving while intoxicated, otherwise known as drunk driving, has always been a felony. However, in recent times this offense has seen a marked increase, and many states have reacted by imposing stiffer criminal penalties to address the issue. The state of New York is no exception. Under New York state laws, it is a criminal […]

What You Need To Know About Supplemental Security Income in the State of New York

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Cost of living is on the rise in the United States and one offshoot of this problem is that New Yorkers living on Social Security benefits, as well as other Social Security recipients elsewhere in the country, are finding it increasingly difficult to survive. One possible solution to mitigate the effects of rising expenses is […]

Child Custody and Support in the State of New York

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Getting a divorce can be a very traumatic event, and the pain and distress is only heightened if children are involved. This, as the presence of children raises the sticky issues of child custody and child support payments; issues that most often very difficult to resolve. When considering child custody issues in New York State […]

Dealing with Non-Criminal Traffic Violations

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Receiving a traffic violation ticket in the state of New York does not always mean having to go to ‘court’. For places such as Buffalo, Rochester and Suffolk County, if you receive a ticket classified as a ‘non-criminal moving traffic violation’, you are not required to attend court. This is so, as the courts in […]