Car Accidents: Saving Your Personal Injury Case Before It Starts

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Let’s face it – no one wants to be involved in an automobile accident.   As a driver you try your best to stay within the speed limit, make turns after you check if it’s safe and avoid any distractions while driving like loud music or using a cell phone.  The truth is accidents do happen, even when you make every effort to stay safe on the road. 

The reality is that whenever you are on the road there are many factors that are simply outside your control that may cause a car accident.  An experienced personal injury attorney deals with many car accident cases and can help you protect your rights and fight for your financial recovery, however it’s important that immediately after a car accident happens that you take a minute to remember what steps to take to potentially save your case before it starts.

After a car accident you should make sure you are not injured and that no passenger within your car is injured.  If you find that someone has been injured don’t try and move that person, unless the vehicle has caught fire, as the injured person may have injured their neck or back.  Call emergency services by dialing 911 even if the accident is not serious.

Police officers after arriving on the scene will analyze the accident and see if anyone needs medical attention.  The officers will also begin creating a police report documenting the scene.  Remember that it is very important not to admit fault at all after a car accident.  This includes conversations with the other driver, the police officer and even your own passengers.  Also be sure not to sign any document without consulting with a personal injury attorney.

A car accident can be a jarring experience and you might not realize it at first if you need medical attention.  Try to examine your physical condition and determine whether you should seek medical attention.  Some symptoms may include dizziness, numbness or discomfort days after the accident.  It’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and get medical attention even if the symptoms appear the next day.

It’s also important that you also take your own account of the accident by taking pictures of the damage to the car, the scene itself and pictures of your injuries.  You should also try and take notes about the accident and write down any information that may help resolve your matter with an attorney’s help or through your insurance provider.

Every driver in New Jersey is required to carry auto insurance when they get behind the wheel, the pictures that are taken usually prove invaluable when it comes to settling a claim with the insurance company through your attorney.  A personal injury attorney will be able to advise you about your legal options and can also help protect your rights.

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