18-Year-Old Killed By NY Police for Possessing Marijuana

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Being caught with drugs is very serious and carries with it the possibility of serious jail time, depending on how much is in your possession and whether you were trafficking in it. Sometimes, unfortunately, the punishment does not always fit the crime.

Recently, an 18-year-old and resident of New York was shot in the chest by police for attempting to flush marijuana down the toilet in order to destroy evidence of having it in his possession.

After police identified a boy holding a joint of marijuana while walking down the street, the boy began to run. After realizing that an officer was chasing after him, he rushed to his grandmother’s house. Eventually, after entering her house, the boy thought he was out of the woods.

However, he was terribly mistaken. Police officers kicked-in the door of the 58-year-old woman’s home, claiming this was justified due to the fact that the boy was a fleeing suspect, and entered the house without a warrant based on exigent circumstances.

With guns drawn, they began looking for the boy. Before the grandmother knew what was going on, her grandson yelled “Gun!” and was shot in the chest by one of the officers.

The police claimed that they suspected he was armed and ready to shoot them. However, in reality, the 18-year-old boy was attempted to flush away the evidence to avoid a drug possession charge.

Although the two officers responsible for the young man’s death were reassigned to desk duty and temporarily stripped of their guns, no suspension or further punishment has been meted out as of yet.

Remember, if you are ever caught possessing drugs or drug-related paraphernalia, do not run from the police or resist them. You should try to remain calm and compliant while remembering that you have constitutional rights that you can freely invoke and utilize.

If you are ever charged with drug possession in NY, be sure to retain a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney who can zealously defend your constitutional rights and liberties. The Rosenblum Law Firm has dealt with numerous New York drug possession cases and has been defending the rights of New Yorkers for years. Contact us via e-mail or at 888-815-3649.


Drug Possession in NY

Drug Possession in NY