Child Support Payment Issues

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Child support is financial and medical support granted to custodial parents by the noncustodial parent in the case of a divorce with children.  In some cases, child support may be awarded if parents have shared custody.  This support is mandated by the court.  Specific details are based upon several factors including income levels, financial health, […]

Red Light Cameras in New York State

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Red light cameras use radar technology to detect drivers who run red lights at intersections.  A camera then snaps a photo of the car and license plate, which is used to identify the driver and send them a ticket in the mail.  Drivers usually have no idea that they have a ticket until it arrives […]

Denial of Social Security Benefits

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Individuals who apply for social security disability benefits must prove that they are unable to work due to a physical, mental, or emotional disability or impairment.  The definition of “disability” means that the individual is completely unable to work or is unable to earn a set amount of income each month.  This is unlike other […]

What is E-Discovery?

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Legal discovery is the process through which attorneys can request to see all documents and data from the opposing counsel before a trial begins.  The procedure allows legal teams to better prepare their cases if they have an idea of what they will face from their opposition.  Electronic discovery, called e-discovery, is any electronic data […]

Personal Injury: Getting Hurt on the Job

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Work related accidents can occur in any industry and affects individuals who work in office settings as well.  Working with dangerous equipment in manufacturing, mining, or other manual labor jobs can lead to injuries that affect the worker’s ability to continue earning an income.  Accidents can also lead to medical problems, chronic injuries, or emotional […]