Garden State Parkway Tickets – Speeding Tickets and Traffic Tickets Increase

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New Jersey State Police records show that Garden State Parkway traffic tickets increased a whopping 61% compared to this time last year.

What You Need To Know About Divorce

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The decision to file for divorce can be a difficult one.  Most people believe that their marriages are solid but the sad truth is that many couples do get divorced.  Every state has different laws to deal with divorce, so it is important for the individuals involved to be informed. In a no-fault divorce, both […]

Understanding Speeding Tickets

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Every state has laws that regulate the maximum speeds allowed on all types of roads.  Different types of roads include: Freeways and highways where cars drive are relatively higher speeds to travel longer distances without stopping Arterial roads, which are main streets through cities and towns with medium speed limits, multiple lanes, and traffic signals […]

What is a Moving Violation?

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Moving violations are traffic violations that occur when the vehicle is in motion.  This is different from non-moving violations, which are offenses that are committed while the vehicle is not in motion.  Typical non-moving violations are parking infractions such as illegally parking and letting parking meters expire. Every state has different laws regarding moving violations.  […]

Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

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Traffic tickets can be very costly and inconvenient.  Some drivers choose to simply pay their tickets and move on, even if they do not believe they are guilty of the traffic violation.  Others choose to contest their tickets to avoid paying fines or other penalties, higher insurance rates, and a violation on their driving record.  […]

Overview of Social Security Disability Benefits

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits to workers who are disabled in some way and cannot work.  Applicants are encouraged to apply for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) as soon as they become disabled as it can be a difficult process.  The main qualifications for SSDI are: that the person suffers from a disability […]