Reckless Driving in NY Doesn’t Pay

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Reckless driving not only is dangerous to your well-being, but it is also extremely detrimental to the safety of others. Unlike other traffic offenses where you might avoid detection by a police officer, reckless driving is one of the most easily seen offenses. This is especially true when the driver is weaving between lanes, being […]

NJ’s Governor Proposes Mandatory Drug Treatment for Non-Violent Offenders

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In a recent town hall meeting, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey told a mother who nearly lost her son to heroine that the state should institute mandatory treatment for non-violent drug offenders instead of putting them behind bars. The Governor explained that New Jersey currently has 7,000 people who were charged with drug possession […]

New York Move Over Law vs. New Jersey Move Over Law

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Although NJ’s Move Over Law was enacted in March 2009, it lacks the bite of the NY Move Over Law. New York’s Move Over Law Enforcement of the original New York Ambrose-Searles Move Over Law began on January 1, 2011.  It requires motorists to proceed with caution to avoid an accident when approaching an emergency […]

New York Court of Appeals to Rule on Cash-Only Bail

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Defense attorney Marika Meis argues that cash-only bail is against the law and that courts must set at least two forms of bail, which normally includes various types of bonds and a credit card. “Cash-only bail is the most onerous form of bail,” Meis said. “It is a minority of judges who set bail at […]

Your Constitutional Right to Effective Plea Bargaining

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Your Constitutional Right to Effective Plea Bargaining According to the United States Supreme Court, criminal defendants who turn down plea bargains due to their lawyer’s ineffective assistance of counsel can now try to have their subsequent, harsher sentences overturned. This means that if you were charged with a crime, you now have a constitutional right […]