7 Surprising Facts About Those Who Shoplift

December 28, 2016 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

The holidays may be over but the retail bonanza will continue through the end of the year, along with high rates of shoplifting attempts. Shoplifting defies a lot of criminal norms, including the fact that there is no standard profile for a shoplifter. Here are some surprising facts about those who commit the crime, according […]

Of Alcohol and Age Limits

December 21, 2016 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

The holidays makes everyone a little extra merry. This weekend, many of us will undoubtedly enhance that merriment with a bit of alcohol. Some of us may also offer that merriment-enhancement to those friends and family members who may be a bit shy of the legal drinking age. Providing alcohol to a minor can have […]

Could Lawmakers Finally Persuade Christie to Sign New Gun Bill?

December 19, 2016 · by RLF Attorneys · in

Democrats in New Jersey’s legislature and senate are hoping to finally convince Republican Governor Chris Christie to vote in favor of new gun restrictions. Christie has vetoed two bills in the past year that required domestic violence offenders to surrender firearms. The latest effort comes amid statistics that show a woman is five times more […]

Have Yourself a Merry Little Xanax

December 14, 2016 · by igniweb · in

The holidays mean spending time with family, and spending time with family can sometimes be stressful. Between backhanded compliments from your mother-in-law (“Oh, are you still doing that freelancing thing? I guess it’s good to have a hobby while you’re not working.”), Uncle Ira’s endless war stories, and Cousin Sydney bragging about his latest business […]

Impact of a Restraining Order on Holiday Visitation Rights

December 12, 2016 · by RLF Attorneys · in

For families in which the parents no longer reside together, the holidays can be very stressful. Joint custody situations can lead to logistical and emotional challenges, especially when one parent has a restraining order against the other. A restraining order does not necessarily mean that you cannot see your children on holidays. Depending on the […]

The Full Cost of a ‘Five-Finger Discount’

December 7, 2016 · by igniweb · in

For many, money is tight this holiday season. Sometimes, that can lead to the temptation to apply the old “five-finger discount” during a holiday shopping trip. Unfortunately, a little shoplifting can carry huge consequences. Under New Jersey law, there are six ways a person can commit the crime of shoplifting. Attempting to carry away or […]