A New Kind of Speeding Fine?

September 6, 2010 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in
pay to speed

Pay to Speed?

We all know that speeding can be costly – a speeding ticket    can run you up big bucks and points on your license.  Now, a Nevada man running for governor says he has a  way to fix to Nevada’s budget crisis.

Eugene DiSimone thinks that people with the “need for speed” may even pay for the ability to drive up to 90 mph on certain roads.

Calling the idea the “free limit plan” he says all motor vehicles would first have to be inspected for safety.  The vehicle’s data would be put into a computer and drivers would purchase a transponder-like device.

Once the person sets up an account, she could dial in, and for $25 be free to speed for a full twenty-four day.

DiSimone calculates that his idea would bring the State of Nevada $1 billion a year in revenue.