Cheating on the SAT Exam in NY

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Cheating on the SAT Exam May Become a Felony in NY

A bill making it a felony in NY for cheating on the Standard Achievement Test (SAT) was recently introduced in the New York Legislature.

The hearings, which led to the introduction of the bill, were the result of a September 2011 scandal in Long Island, New York involving impostors sitting for SAT exams in exchange for money.  The district attorney reported that at least 20 people were involved in the cheating scheme where Nassau County high school students paid $500 to $3600 to college students to take the exam on their behalf.  Investigations revealed that imposters would sit for the exams in another school in order to avoid a proctor noticing the impersonation.

The cheating ring unraveled when Great Neck North High School teachers and administrators heard rumors that students paid someone to take the SAT for them.  They compared students’ academic history with their SAT scores; and then noticed that some student whose grades did not match their test scores sat for the exam in a location other than his school.  These peculiarities led them to crack open the scheme.

The twenty students allegedly involved in the ring have been charged with falsifying business records and criminal impersonation, according to the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office.

The new bill recently introduced by Sen. Kenneth LaValle of Suffolk County would establish new felonies of facilitation of education testing fraud and of scheming to defraud educational testing.  In addition, the new bill would create a new misdemeanor for the offense of test forgery.  The laws would apply to both the test taker and the one who paid for the impersonator to take the test.

The bill also advocates photo identification and other methods of verifying identity such as fingerprints or retinal scans.

The argument against the bill is that although cheating on a test is wrong it is not a crime such as armed robbery or drug dealing.

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Cheating on SAT

Cheating on SAT