Christie Suggests Expungement for Nonviolent Offenders

May 4, 2017 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has asked state lawmakers to put together legislation making it easier for those convicted of nonviolent crimes to get their records expunged. The expungement process seals records of a person’s arrest, detention, or conviction.

Christie asked that the legislation be passed by before the end of the current budget year on June 30, and the comment already has state senators in a tizzy to get something written. One example, proposed by Senator Sandra Cunningham, is an automatic expungement after 10 years. Cunningham insisted that many people get into trouble when they’re young, and that a decade is enough time to turn their life around. “I’d like to see if a person has not created a problem, had any problem with the law, in 10 years or more, I think that their record should be expunged automatically,” she said.

Except for arrest records that result in a dismissal (which can be cleared immediately) most other expungeable offenses and convictions require a waiting period before the records can be sealed. Last year, Christie signed a law which halved the wait period for some expungements. For example, the law reduced the wait period from 10 to five years for a criminal conviction, and from five to three years for a disorderly person’s offenses. In addition, the legislation made graduates of drug court eligible for expungement if they have not been charged since their prior offense.

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