Fighting Traffic Tickets in New York

February 10, 2010 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Getting a traffic ticket in New York is not only a financial burden but an enormous nuisance. Accepting traffic tickets means receiving points on your driver’s license as well as a tax for being a bad motorist. Therefore it’s important to fight any traffic ticket you receive in the state of New York.

Anyone who agrees to pay traffic tickets is automatically pleading guilty to the charge. In addition to the hefty fine, the points on your license will stay on your license for a long time period. This can lead to your license being suspended, revoked or having to deal with higher insurance premiums. Thus, you should never admit to the violation, instead you should learn your rights and fight the traffic ticket.

To fight the allegations, you must be prepared. Decide whether you’ll hire an attorney or represent yourself. If you hire an attorney, make sure the attorney is competent and knowledgeable on traffic ticket violations. Representing yourself involves researching and studying the law and your charges. It may also mean spending hours at the DMV court studying the judges for their particular requirements to prove a case.

If neither of these methods sound like the one you rather use, you can try another technique, which involves asking the court for permission to do the trial by mail. This method is preferred by busy people with hectic schedules.

Fighting a traffic ticket through mail is both easy and beneficial. This process only takes about five minutes or so to fill out the paper with all the required information. This mail method aids in giving you more time to prepare for your argument without  having to undergo the stress and nervousness of an actual proceeding.

Whatever approach you decide to take in fighting your ticket, you should be level-headed, knowledgeable and strong-willed in defending yourself. Know your rights and know your options.

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