Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

May 18, 2010 · by igniweb · in

Traffic tickets can be very costly and inconvenient.  Some drivers choose to simply pay their tickets and move on, even if they do not believe they are guilty of the traffic violation.  Others choose to contest their tickets to avoid paying fines or other penalties, higher insurance rates, and a violation on their driving record.  In many cases, a lawyer who specializes in traffic laws will help drivers successfully get their tickets dismissed.

Moving violations are infractions that occur when a vehicle is in motion.  Examples of moving violations include: speeding; driving too slowly under the legal minimum limit; tailgating; running through a red light; disobeying traffic signs such as a stop sign; or failing to yield the right of way to school buses or emergency vehicles.

Non-moving violations occur when the vehicle is not in motion but a traffic law is still being broken.  Examples of non-moving violations include parking illegally, such as in a handicapped spot without proper authorization, or letting parking meters expire.

In some states, demerit points are added to a driver’s record every time they receive a traffic ticket.  The amount of points varies according to the severity of the violation.  If a driver accumulates a certain amount of points, penalties such as a license suspension can occur.  Even in states without points systems, tickets are added to a driver’s record and can lead to punishments such as fines or a license suspension.  Drivers with many tickets on their records will probably be labeled as risky or dangerous drivers by their auto insurance company and pay higher than average premiums.

Drivers who wish to keep their records clean and avoid paying penalties should consult an attorney who specializes in traffic law to contest their ticket.  The court systems can be frustrating and confusing, and it is in the best interest of the defendant to have legal help.