Hiring an Attorney Makes it Easier to Get Social Security Disability

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According to recent studies, those who hired Social Security Disability attorneys faired much better in court than those who did not.

However, cynics are saying this is because winning a Social Security Disability appeal can mean a guaranteed payday for lawyers.

Nevertheless, most agree that this only motivates a Social Security disability attorney to fight even harder for his clients.

Another surprising figure that studies revealed was that approximately 85% of disability claimants who appealed a denial of benefits made sure that they had legal representation.

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Hiring an Attorney Makes it Easier to Get Social Security Disability

In 1970, this figure was only in the 20% range.

Cindy Berger, a former staff attorney for Social Security who is principal at Washington’s Landing-based Berger and Green, helped reveal why so many people are hiring attorneys these days.

She explained, “An attorney is better able to make sure medical evidence is complete, [and can] make sure the judge has a chance to review evidence.”

Moreover, attorneys do not face direct opposition in the courtroom by government lawyers because federal rules prohibit the government from interfering.

Jim Borland, the assistant deputy commissioner at the administration, noted that adding government attorneys (even if the federal rule was overturned) to appear at appeal hearings would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

This lack of opposition, along with the fact that it has been increasingly harder for a lay person to legally prove that he is disabled, has led claimants to hire attorneys.

Think about it: the Social Security regulations are filled with complexities, are riddled with language some lawyers even find difficult to understand, and are undeniably long.

The last thing you need to do is waste valuable time while you are already under a tremendous amount of stress.


Remember, if you or a loved one recently suffered from a personal injury and no longer has the ability to work, you might be able to get disability benefits.


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