New Jersey Burglary Ring Busted, Five Suspects Taken into Custody

November 15, 2012 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Police have arrested five Bergen County men suspected of being part of a burglary ring that has broken into dozens home throughout Northern New Jersey over the past few months.

The burglars are said to have selected their targets by identifying homes with unopened packages left on the doorsteps, or homes without lights on during the evening hours.  After identifying a vulnerable house several individuals would swiftly ransack the home, taking jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

Police departments have descried the burglaries as being in the style of the so-called James Bond Gang because of their use of organization and speed to break into homes and leave with valuables in a five-minute time-span. A video taken by the security system of an affluent home in Chatham, NJ shows the men employing stealth and multiple culprits to burglarize a home.

Detectives assigned to the Morris County Burglary Task Force discovered the alleged burglars in a home in Englewood, where the men were taken into custody. So far the alleged burglary ring has only been charged with one burglary which took place in Greenwich, Connecticut because the police were able  to discover evidence of the burglary, in the form of stolen items and tools used to break into the home.

A statement from Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi credited criminal intelligence sharing among several law enforcement agencies in taking the men into custody.

Burglary Is A Second Degree Crime in NJ

In New Jersey a person is guilty of burglary by 1) entering a structure or secretively remaining in a structure in which they were initially permitted to be in, 2) with the intent to commit a criminal offense therein.  If one of these elements is missing your criminal defense attorney can ask the court to dismiss the charges.

Burglary in NJ door broken into

Burglary in NJ door broken into

It is important to note that in New Jersey the crime of burglary does not require breaking and entering, simply walking through an open door or hiding out in a building is considered a burglary if there is intent to commit an offense once inside.

Assuming no victim is hurt during the commission of the burglary, the crime is classified in New Jersey as a Second degree criminal offense and punishable by 5 to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $150,000.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney Can Keep You Out Of Prison

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