New Jersey Cracking Down on Drug Dealers

January 16, 2015 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

Two drug operations took place in New Jersey recently. These operations managed to take down two substantial sources of illicit drugs.

Police Seize 21 Kilos of Cocaine

Two men plead guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, both of whom were sentenced to ten years in state prison, which includes 3 years of parole ineligibility. A third defendant is scheduled for sentencing in the near future.


NJ State Police seized 21 kilos of cocaine in a recent bust. (Photo Source: Flickr)

The men were arrested on February 16, 2013, after being under surveillance. While driving their RV, they were stopped by New Jersey State Police whom searched their vehicle with the consent of the individuals. Police uncovered 21 individually wrapped kilogram packages of cocaine, and $23,000 in currency. A third man connected with this crime was arrested at a nearby motel. Close to $17,000 was found on him at the time of his arrest. The drugs found on these men were worth over a half million dollars!

The Superintendent of the NJ State Police stressed the importance of removing these dangerous substances from the community.

Major Heroin Ring in Camden Caught

In a separate operation, titled “Operation Billboard,” a co-leader of a major drug network, Michael Rivera, plead guilty to first-degree racketeering, and was sentenced to 16 years in state prison. The senior leader of this drug ring died of natural causes with charges still pending. As a result of this operation, 36 members of the ring were indicted on Jan 9, 2013. 30 members plead guilty to varying charges, and received sentences ranging from 5 to 10 years.

The defendant ran an ‘open air drug market’ which dealt tens of thousands of dollars of heroin per week. The multi-agency operation which took down this operation included members from ICE and the NJ State Police.

During the arrest of Mr. Rivera, over $50,000 in cash was found plus $20,000 in counterfeit US Currency and a handgun.

These two cases are a small reminder of the rampant drug problem our country faces. With the seeming trend towards reduced enforcement towards lesser scheduled drugs, perhaps increased resources will be spent to target other large scale operations.

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