New Law Helps Defendants Found Not Guilty Clear Their Name

February 22, 2017 · by igniweb · in

Governor Chris Christie signed a new bill on Friday, February 13 that helps those acquitted of charges clear their names. Bill A1945 requires prosecutors to update or take down public statements about defendants who are found not guilty. In such cases, the state’s attorney general and county prosecutors must scrub their websites of “any press release or other published information that includes the individual’s name, or inform the public on the website that the person was acquitted of the charges or that the charges were dismissed.”

Prosecutors are also required to produce a letter certifying the status of the case. This allows those cleared of charges to prove their legal innocence to potential employers or other interested parties.

In the internet age, being charged with a crime can result in newspaper headlines and other media mentions that linger online indefinitely. While major media outlets are not affected by the new law, the law does help reduce the number of search results affiliating a person’s name with the crime. It also provides a way for individuals to show that the media search results are no longer relevant.

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