NJ Courts Leverage Technology to Reduce Jail Time

July 27, 2016 · by igniweb · in

New technology currently being developed by the New Jersey Courts is expected to keep offenders out of prison – at least until their case is heard. The software will compile information to create risk profiles of alleged criminals so judges can quickly and accurately determine which ones are safe to release back into the community.

The project could put an end to the country’s current system that releases prisoners based solely on their ability to post bail. Instead, the new software will evaluate each prisoner’s flight risk and potential to re-offend. Additional software is aimed at monitoring and reducing the amount of time offenders spend in jail before a hearing.

The state is investing $14 million into the project. It came in response to reforms passed in 2014 and which will take effect in 2017 that require prosecutors to bring an indictment against an offender within 90 days of bringing them into custody. Their case must also go to trial within 180 days of the indictment.

As the new technology rolls out, police and other agencies will also reap the benefit of enhanced efficiencies. For example, law enforcement officials will be able to directly send data entered into their arrest record database directly to the court’s database. Under the current system, agencies have to re-key up to 50 fields of data. Other efficiencies come from the creation of a master statute table that will be used by every agency across the state.

Additional projects on deck include new software to help probation officers monitor and report individuals who have been released on bail, as well as a mobile app for filing reports.

Accelerating court cases to trial could come with a major downside: New Jersey may not have enough judges to try them all. Only time will tell how that will impact the state’s legal system.

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