Nurses License Suspended for Reusing Syringes on 60+ Patients

October 15, 2015 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

shotA nurse has been accused of reusing syringes while administering flu shots to 67 patients at the Otsuka pharmaceutical company in West Windsor, NJ. The nurse, identified as Mary Roback, has voluntarily surrendered her license and it is temporarily suspended pending a further investigation and ruling from the NJ Board of Nursing.

The board was informed that the nurse “administered an inadequate amount of the flu vaccine” using two single-use syringes. If proven to be true, these allegations would show she was grossly negligent and committed malpractice. “Such conduct evidences that (the nurse) is a clear and imminent danger to the public warranting a temporary suspension of her license to practice nursing in the state,” the Board’s consent order states.

Roback did use a separate needle for each injection, so the chances of infection are small. However, the department still advised workers who had gotten the flu shots to be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C.

A professional license can be similar to a driver’s license and if you do not obey the rules, you can lose your privileges. It is critical for nurses to understand what behaviors can affect their nursing licenses and what should be done if a formal complaint has been filed against them. Coworkers, administrators, doctors, and patients all have the ability to file a complaint regarding nurse conduct. The NJ State Board is responsible for licensing nurses, investigating complaints, and taking disciplinary action.  They can suspend or revoke a nurse’s license to practice if they feel it is warranted.

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