NY Motorist Beats Up Traffic Ticket Agent

October 3, 2010 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in
traffic tickets in New York State

Careful Now…

A New York driver who double parked in the Bronx discovered a traffic cop writing him ticket – instead of calmly accepting it he went crazy and beat up the traffic ticket agent. The agent was hit in the head, punched twice, and knocked to the ground, sending him to the hospital with a broken skull. He tried to arrest the assailant but he fled the scene.

The beat cop, Edgar Saeteros, is in stable condition and when interviewed said he didn’t even see it coming.

Because he left behind the car, cops were confident they will find him.  Cops say that while they are taught to deal with it, it still happens.  Assault on a traffic agent became a felony in 2008; this means that if a person slaps, punches or kicks a traffic agent or meter maid, he can be sent to prison for up to seven years.