Crimes Resulting in Immigration Issues and Deportation

Whenever we hear the word “deportation,” some of us get nervous. Images of a country we never want to go back to get lodged in our mind and fear begins to take hold. At The Rosenblum Law Firm, we understand the need to zealously fight for your right to remain in the country.


Your case will get the personal attention it deserves, we never use cookie-cutter law, and you can be sure that the attorney handling your case will keep you in the loop.

If you have been charged with a crime and are now facing deportation or consequences that affect your immigration status, contact Adam H. Rosenblum today.


Wait, I Can Be Deported!?

Unfortunately, there are several crimes that carry with them the punishment of deportation.

Remember, we are not simply referring to obvious crimes like remaining in the country with an expired visa or being in the country illegally.

Even if you are lawfully in the country as a permanent resident or a temporary visa holder, if you are convicted of any of the following crimes, you may be deported back to your country of origin:

  • Assault
  • Crimes Against Children
  • Crimes of Moral Turpitude
  • Document Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Possession (Except for Under 30 Grams of Marijuana for Personal Use)
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender if Convicted of a Sex Crime
  • Failure to Update Your Address
  • Falsely Claiming Citizenship
  • Falsification of Documents
  • Fraud
  • High Speed Flight from an Immigration Check Point
  • Improper Re-Entry into the United States
  • Marriage Fraud to Gain Entry into the United States
  • Shoplifting
  • Stalking
  • Unlawfully Voting
  • Violation of Gun Laws
  • Violation of Protection Orders


How Do I Avoid Deportation?

The best way to avoid deportation is by hiring an experienced NJ criminal defense attorney who can get your charges dismissed or take deportation off the table during plea negotiations.

The key is to recognize (preferably before you run into trouble) that there are crimes that can lead to your removal from the country.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges for any of the above mentioned crimes, you may be running out of time.

Be sure to reach out to a NJ criminal defense attorney as soon as you can in order to preserve your legal rights. He will be able to help you avoid the negative fallout of a criminal conviction.


If you were already convicted of a crime warranting deportation, hope is not lost. Here at The Rosenblum Law Firm, we can help you appeal this conviction and fight to keep you in the country during the appeals process. Ultimately, the worst mistake you can make is trying to handle the case on your own. When it comes to your immigration status, there is no room for error.


Who Should You Contact?

If you were charged with a crime in New Jerseyand face deportation or other punishments that affect your immigration status, contact Adam H. Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm today. His team ofNew Jerseycriminal defense attorneys will do what they can to protect your legal rights and fight to get your charges dismissed. Call 888-815-3649 today.