Paterson, Jersey City, and Newark Join Forces to Fight Crime

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Recently, the mayors of Paterson, Jersey City, and Newark announced a new initiative designed to fight crime and strengthen the communities involved by pooling data.

The three cities plan to share intelligence, police officer information, and purchasing agreements.

Mayors of Paterson, Jersey City, and Newark

The mayors of Paterson, Jersey City, and Newark hold a joint press conference to announce the new collaboration between each city’s police force.
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Steven Fulop, the Mayor of Jersey City, explained: “We know we must pool resources and take a comprehensive approach to public safety and other important issues affecting our cities, and to do so we must work together with the other large New Jersey municipalities to foster cooperation and information sharing.”

This landmark effort will link up the intelligence information gathered by three of the most crime-ridden cities in New Jersey. Government officials and police officers hope that this will reduce the amount of crime plaguing these cities. This program hopes to curtail violent crimes like assault and even non-violent crimes like drug possession.

The program will allow for the information to freely flow from one city to the next. The idea is to catch criminals travelling from one city to the next while trying to avoid getting caught.

Aside from sharing information, the cities plan on sharing manpower as well. Certain officers will be employed by two or even all three cities, increasing the personal connection between the officers in each squad.

Likewise, the Big Three are coming together to offer employment training and job entry programs through local agencies and partnerships.

The mayors are hailing this effort as an amazing achievement that will give residents alternatives to gangs and drugs while giving them hope for a brighter future with employment on the horizon instead of jail cells.

Many feel that this two-fold approach to crime—which provides deterrence and opportunity—will prove tremendously successful in the upcoming years.

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