Professional License Suspension Or Termination

For any practitioner, acquiring a professional license takes an extraordinary amount of energy, time and money.  Your ability to work, advance in your career and earning potential are all dependent on your professional license.  The issue that many professional practitioners fail to realize is that misconduct that happens outside and unrelated to work can result in having your license suspended or revoked.  

What Does Having A Professional License Mean?

Having a professional license means that you earned the right or met certain requirements to be able to practice in a certain professional field.  A professional license means that you have been given legal permission by an agency or particular board (known as the licensor ) to practice your profession.  You should understand that since you only have permission to practice then your professional board also dictates under what circumstances you can have your license suspended or revoked.

A professional license is just like a driver’s license in that if you do not obey the rules of the road or abuse your driving privilege you can lose your permission to drive.

It is very important for professionals that require a license to work maintain a clean criminal record because private misconduct can result in license suspension or revocation.

Who Investigates Professional Misconduct?

Each profession has different agencies that will investigate matters of professional misconduct and discipline.  This links below will provide further information for licensed professionals and some more detail into how each profession treats professional misconduct and disciplinary matters in New Jersey.

Can I Have My License Restored?

It can be devastating to work your whole life to establish a professional practice only to make one mistake that causes you lose your license to practice.  In many cases simply being accused of some misconduct can result in license suspension.  You need your license to legally practice in your chosen profession and earn your livelihood.   If you have a professional license and are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced attorney to help keep your record clean and, if applicable, help you get your professional license restored.