Traffic Tickets in Albany

July 30, 2010 · by rosenblumlawfirm · in

There are many main arterial roads in Albany that are hotbeds for speeding tickets, such as Madison, Washington, Western, or Central Avenues. Many other roads have relatively low speed limits in the 30 to 35 mph range. Albany also has a large number of stop lights and stop signs for a city of its size and therefore it is easier for drivers to be pulled over for speeding or other violations.

Traffic convictions in New York will result in points on your driving record. After accumulating a certain number of points, serious consequences such as a license suspension can occur. The number of points given will depend upon the seriousness of the violation. Some examples include:

• Speeding – 3 to 11 points depending upon how much over the speed limit you are going
Reckless driving – 5 points
• Inadequate brakes or following too closely – 4 points.

There are many examples of failure to obey a traffic signal that results in 3 points, including:

• Improper passing or unsafe lane changing
• Driving in the wrong direction
• Failure to stop completely at a stop sign
• Failure to yield the right of way
• Failure to properly use a car seat or other child restraint
• Violation of a railroad crossing
• Leaving the scene of an accident.

An especially serious traffic violation is a DWI or DUI. The number of points will depend upon whether it is a first, second, or third offense and other individual factors. A DWI is a criminal charge and a conviction will result in fines, license suspension, and possibly jail time.

Drivers in Albany who have received a traffic ticket should consult an attorney. Contesting the ticket will be easier and more successful with the help of a legal professional.